ICYNENE H₂Foam Lite Plus(LD-C-70™) Skumisolering

Den senaste produkten i medium densitetsklassen. Detta skum kan även det andvändas i minusgrader.


ICYNENE H₂Foam Lite Plus(LD-C-70™)

Icynene introducerar här den senaste inom modern isolering – H2Foam Lite Plus™.  Med ett ytterligare bättre U-värde, fantastisk vidhäftning och en bättre Yield (mer material per enhet).  H2Foam Lite Plus™  är helt enkelt det bästa skum i denna klassen som finns tillgängligt. H2Foam Lite Plus™  har samma vattenbaserade komponenter som övriga produkter från icynene och klarar kraven på de nya (REACH ) standarden.


 H₂Foam Lite Plus(LD-C-70™)


H2Foam lite plus features

Spray Foam Insulation:

  • Offers improved thermal conductivity
  • Fully compatible with REACH
  • 100% water blown (no HFCs)
  • Excellent adhesion to more surfaces
  • Ideal for use in a broad range of substrates, temperatures and humidity conditions
  • New formula eliminates air pocketing
  • Excellent sprayability helping minimise waste
  • Highly competitive yield


Insulate Your Investment

Proven products. Proven Company. Uncompromising performance and quality. An investment that will stand the test of time. We aren’t just selling another insulation product. We are spraying peace-of-mind into your building envelope.


Ideal for Residential and Commercial Applications


Increased Energy Efficiency

Icynene products give you both excellent insulating ʎ-value and air barrier performance – allowing you to minimise two major sources of heat loss/gain. The result can be a reduction in heating and cooling costs of up to 50%.


Improved Indoor Air Quality

Icynene’s air-sealing capabilities minimise the entry of airborne irritants such as allergens, drafts or humidity. Combined with proper mechanical ventilation, Icynene products assist occupants in controlling the quality of the indoor air that they breathe.


Contribution to LEED points

Icynene spray foam insulation solutions are vital contributors towards a home or building obtaining critical LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points.