UKRAINE seminar in Kiev on September 25th, 2013

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Leonid Elbert organized a full-day seminar in Kiev with about 30 attendees on Wednesday September 25th.



Exhibitor of the Month!!

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Some good news, Building and Facilities News has named GMS Insulations Limited as Exhibitor of the Month following the National Homebuilding & Renovating Show in Birmingham, see photo of the article below.



Icynene Europe Steering Committee – Brussels

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Our annual European and CIS steering committee meeting was held on 10, 11 and 12 September 2013. It was the perfect opportunity to unite all parts of Europe and CIS under one roof. Discussions proved useful and informative. We renewed our committment to maintaining and strengthing the distributor network and to creating greater collaboration on a technical as well as marketing level. We are truly a team!

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Icynene | Announcement!!

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Icynene Europe is pleased to announce that Leonid Elbert, Managing Director from Kiev-based EMD Consult, will join our business team as Icynene sales representative for Central and Eastern Europe. Leonid has 15 years’ experience in business development for leading North American companies in building and home products.
Leonid has worked 10 years for Armstrong World Industries, the worldwide leader in suspended ceilings.


He developed the market at a time when the product category did not exist and his success in creating the company’s leadership in Central and Eastern Europe was such that his responsibility was extended to the Scandinavian markets for several years. Leonid then joined EcoWater Systems, a Berkshire Hathaway company, the worldwide leader in residential water treatment as the head of the company for the CIS region. He successfully established the company’s market leadership in the region within five years.


Leonid, married with three children, is a civil engineer from the Kiev Civil Aviation Institute and a confirmed airplane pilot. Commencing on July 15, 2013, Leonid will start building Icynene’s presence in the region through its network of contractors and distributors.


Please join us in welcoming Leonid to Icynene, the worldwide leader in light density water-blown spray foam!


Icynene | Spray Foam Insulation Reviews

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Vol. 10, Issue 01 Synopsis: * Icynene ® lowered heating energy costs by 24% in a 12% colder climate period * Icynene ® provided a more consistent temperature * Icynene ® corrected a mold and mildew problem.


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Stop costs going through the roof

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Ron suggests the best solution is to spray foam your loft with a system such as the Icynene Insulation System which is an environmentally friendly investment for your home and comes with a lifetime warranty.


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Spray foam insulation helps save historic Belgian building

The Historical Center of Bastogne, a star-shaped museum that showcases weapons and uniforms used during World War II, has hosted plenty of visitors since it opened in May 1976. However, the building recently had an unexpected visitor when lightning struck the facility.

Damage was severe, but contractors were able to save portions of the museum. Spray foam insulation helped preserve the building.


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Spray foam insulation applied to the roof of an English Midlands loft

October 28, 2012 marks the end of Daylight Savings Time for residents living in the English Midlands. Spray foam insulation will be useful for people seeking reduce their monthly heating and cooling expenses.


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